Cassandra Clark

Book Your Appointment

To book an appointment with Cassandra, please read the following BEFORE emailing.
Once you have read this and the
deposit and cancellation policy, please use the contact page to email. 


Studio Minimum - $60 
4 Hour Sitting - $500

6 Hour Sitting - $750

8 Hour Sitting - $1000
Convention/Guest Spot rates are $150+/hr.

​All tattoos under 4 hours will be charged by the piece. Clock starts at your set appointment time - and includes freehand drawing/stenciling/setup along with your tattoo, H2Ocean aftercare, and some Jellyfish Daydreams Swag! I work efficiently, with very few short breaks.

​​This is posted for public knowledge, so when you get an 8 hour tattoo, you aren't surprised by the cost. Tattoos are not a necessity, they are a luxury. If you are looking for a really nice, high quality and long lasting tattoo, expect to pay what it's worth. PLEASE DO NOT ask me for a deal, or swindle me on the price.   If you do this, you will be asked KINDLY to leave. (Tattooing is an incredibly expensive industry.) HOWEVER! If you have a budget, PLEASE tell me ahead of time, so I can design a tattoo for you, within your budget. Always remember, tattooing is a service! If you are satisfied with the service you received, Tips are appreciated, but not expected. 

 What to bring to your appointment:

      - ID - You must have valid ID and be 18 years of age or older to get a tattoo.

      - Deposit - All appointments require a deposit. Please read deposit policy for more information.

Cassandra is a custom tattoo artist and prefers to design your tattoo for you, so it is unique and original - because who wants a tattoo that 5 million other people have?! She works in many different styles, from color realism, portraits, geometric, traditional and new school tattoos.

When booking an appointment, it is always best to stop into the shop so we can discuss your ideas in person, and also so I can see the area and figure out the best design and placement. If you are out of state or not local to the area, we can discuss what we can via email.

I do not send drawings or designs via email prior to your tattoo appointment. Your tattoo design will be ready for you the day of, and if any minor changes need to be made they will be done when you arrive. In rare cases if the design needs to be completely reconstructed, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.

​PLEASE be considerate to the shop rules and DO NOT bring children with you to your appointment. If you do bring them, your appointment will be rescheduled.

​If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will NOT be tattooed.

​If you are on antibiotics, you cannot be tattooed.